Rental managment service

We manage property throughout Metropolitan France and our fees are straightforward and transparent.

If you are a property owner, you will benefit from the following service:

  • Rigorous research and selection of your tenant
  • Access to an “Unpaid Rent” and “Real Estate Deterioration” insurance in order to sustain your rental income
  • Online consultation of your account
  • The possibility for your tenant to consult their account online and pay their rent online without bank charges
  • Monthly management report by email and the full payment of your balance
  • Processing, by e-mail only, the requests of your tenant in order to improve traceability, the treatment of real emergencies and cost control
  • Detailed scrutiny of your tenant’s requests for work, so that only those requested by yourself are carried out at your expense
  • Rigorous monitoring of any outstanding payments and management of the procedure through to eviction